Russell Brand: Is Fox News more dangerous than Isis?


Russell Brand deconstructs Fox News extremism, which apparently exists primarily to throw gasoline on fires in hopes of goosing ratings without much caring what the consequences of their actions are. Sure, lots of other media organizations do the same, including so called liberal media. MSNBC can be just as mindlessly and stupidly partisan but generally aren’t endlessly cheerleading for the US to go invade another country. By contrast, Fox News seems to thrive on war, blowback be damned. Like the Joker in recent Batman movies, Fox seemingly likes to see things burn.

Most everything Fox News accuses Obama doing in this video have of course been done by Republican presidents too, like arming insurgents who turn against us and being almost completely clueless about the consequences of reckless attempts to build empires.

Brand is funny, incisive, and biting. Watch the video

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