Saudi Ambassador: No bombing of Iraq. This is their problem

Eddie Vedder. antiwar protest. Los Angeles. Spring 2003
Eddie Vedder. antiwar protest. Los Angeles. Spring 2003

The Saudi Ambassador to the UK strongly opposes foreign intervention and bombing of Iraq, saying it is Iraq’s mess and only they can fix it. Foreign intervention favoring one side over another will only inflame the situation. It will also increase the chances of terrorist attacks against the country doing the bombing. Let’s hope “Bombs Away” Obama has the sense to heed what the ambassador says.

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We absolutely oppose all foreign intervention and interference. So the call by the Iraqi foreign minister for President Obama and the US government to launch airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Al Sham (Isis) rebels is beyond our comprehension.

An airstrike will not just eliminate extremists – whom we do not support – but will effectively sign the death warrant of many Iraqi citizens, innocent families trapped and terrified by this crisis. This request to President Obama is madness: it reveals a government that no longer sees clearly and no longer cares about the people it has been appointed to care for.

There must be no meddling in Iraq’s internal affairs: not by us or by the US, the UK or by any other government. This is Iraq’s problem and they must sort it out themselves. Any government that meddles in Iraq’s affairs runs the risk of escalating the situation, creating greater mistrust between the people of Iraq – both Sunni and Shia.

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