California drought. Next year will probably be dry too


The California drought will probably continue into 2015, historical data shows. There is just a 29% chance of 2015 precipitation being above normal or wet. Yes, an El Nino is coming. However, it doesn’t always dump rain and when it does, the rain generally falls in southern California and not in the north, in the Sacramento Valley, where the vast bulk of California water comes from. Sacramento Valley water flows into the Sacramento Delta, which is the crucual source of water for millions of Californians and from San Joaquin Valley agriculture.

Continued conservation, recycling, and reuse of water is crucial as the California drought will almost surely continue in 2015. Unlike most states, California has no regulations governing groundwater pumping. This needs to change, as aquifers are becoming depleted.

Hope is not a strategy

During a severe drought, water managers and regulators must balance water deliveries in the current year against saving water for unknown conditions in coming years. It is statistically likely the drought will continue into next year. We all hope wet weather returns to California soon. But, given the odds, it makes sense to prepare for another dry year.

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