If fuel cell vehicles aren’t green, neither are plug-in hybrids

fuel cell

Fuel cell vehicles are powered by hydrogen. Hydrogen comes almost entirely from natural gas fracking. Plus, FCVs wear out far faster than internal combustion vehicles. Elon Mush could have invested in FCV, didn’t, and says “fuel cell is so bullshit, it’s a load of rubbish.” However, any criticism of fuel cell vehicles using hydrocarbons indirectly for energy must also apply to battery electric vehicles. After all, a plug-in hybrid in the US is almost certainly using power generated by using natural gas or coal.

“Hydrogen is a fossil fuel. 95% of US production is from natural gas, most of the remainder from the gasification of coal, and it will not change for the better.”

“Hydrogen is locked by the force of economics to natural gas and natural gas is increasingly locked by the same force to the practice of on-shore hydraulic fracturing of shales. Hydrogen is the Hydro in fossil HydroCarbons and hence hydrogen cannot be extracted from the ground without simultaneously extracting and disposing of carbon as CO2.”

As for creating hydrogen via renewable energy:

Creating hydrogen via electricity is extremely inefficient and doesn’t compare with today’s batteries.

Well, as mentioned, those batteries are probably by dirty energy too.

FCVs do output water only and have no other emissions. However “Imagine all the cars in your city emitting water vapor, and consider what that might do to your local climate.”


  1. I’m seeing Opportuni$y here.
    FCV’s emit water, so bottle it and send it to drought areas.
    A traffic jam in Qatar makes the desert bloom!

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