Detroit decay in Google Map photos. Who benefits from the decay?

detroit-decay Goobing Detroit uses past and present Google map photos to document Detroit decay. Large areas of Detroit are being left to rot while bankster vultures suck marrow from its bones and an apparatchik local government raises cost of services and refuses to innovate. At least some of this process of decay seems quite purposeful. Who benefits from it? certainly not those attempting to live there. Detroit cuts water to individuals owing owing, but not to businesses and corporations

This is beyond wrong. Detroit keeps raising water rates, billing residential customers for previous occupant’s bills, rolling unpaid balances into property taxes, and is now shutting off water to thousands of homes. Businesses and companies are not shut off if they owe money. Why is that?

“Detroit is a victim of decades of market driven neoliberal policy that put business and profit ahead of public good,” Barlow said. “Social security programs have been slashed and their delivery privatized. Investment in essential infrastructure has been slashed”¦”

Weed-eating goats in Detroit must leave due to city ordinance. Yup, stupid rules are definitely a way to continue the decline of a once-great city.

“Once the vegetation was cleaned up, then we would have the volunteers come in, take the trash out of the area, and using the goats and the volunteers we would be clearing this ground for future agricultural use,” said Kevin Pollara, a consultant for the project in Brightmoor, a neighborhood on the city’s west side. He said the project, called Idyll Farms Detroit, would have been a success, but the animals will be removed.

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