Elliot Rodger was a serial killer, not just mentally ill and misogynist


There is little difference between Eliot Rodger and loathsome murderer / torturer Gerard John Schaefer. Both had seething hatred of women starting early in life. Both killed multiple times. Schaefer over a period of years, Rodger in a single episode.

Underneath it all, Rodger was a calculating manipulator.

Peter Rodger told a friend the other day that his son had been an enigma to the family — distant, remote, unknowable. “He’s such a good liar that I didn’t even know he knew how to lie,” the friend recalled the father saying.

Whatever your kink, interest, or quirk, there’s a group for it on the net. Often this is hugely useful and beneficial. However, websites Rodger frequented like PUAhate are little more than training camps for the unhinged to learn how to physically hurt women since they reinforce and amplify existing pathologies.

User Dtugg on bodybuilding.com tried to help Rodger, who was posting derangement there about women. After the slaughter other forum members thanked Dtugg for trying. Some had thought for months Rodger was capable of violence.

Several members said that he was a serial killer in the making months before it happened. So I guess some members got a bad vibe “I didn’t think he was a serial killer in the making. He just seemed like a guy who didn’t know how to talk to girls.

“He would post about hating women.

A Salon writer says ‘I Could Have Been Elliot Rodger’ yet sometimes still goes into screaming rages against women. Gosh, how reassuring.

But as Paul Schrader—who created Travis Bickle, the ultimate lonely psychopath—once said, “You never outrun your childhood.”

My adolescence was way more turbulent than most. Family life was dysfunctional. I had a near-incapacitating stutter and assumed girls wouldn’t like me because of it. That perception was wrong. And you can get past your childhood.


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