CA Gov Brown: We need to “live with nature”, supports fracking


Jerry Brown says climate change is coming so we better get ready. However, he’s totally okay with fracking because everyone does it.

Gov. Jerry Brown continued to sound the alarm about climate change on Monday, saying people need to find a way to “live with nature” and “not to collide with it.”

Some say this makes Brown progressive and California a leader in preparing for climate change. except if it involves oil drilling, that is.

“So, we are not gonna shut down a third of our oil production and force more oil coming from North Dakota — where they are fracking a lot more — to come in by train or more boats and ships coming in from all over the world.”

Oil drilling creates enormous quantities of carbon emissions, which of course contributes to climate change. Fracking can poison water and has been banned in some areas. The disconnect between what Jerry Brown says and what he does is, as always, huge.

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