Michael Moore redesigns blog as social media portal


Michael Moore shows us one possibility for the future of blogging. His newly-designed MichaelMoore.com is now a one-stop portal for his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr posts. Social media will now be the primary way he communicates. His blog now aggregates it in one place and provides links to other articles too. He plans to drive lots of traffic to other sites too.

This is a new way to do a website. Every word I write on Twitter and Facebook is mine. I don’t have someone writing these things up for me — all posts you read are conceived and typed by yours truly. I have no website staff. I charge no one to use this. I refuse to allow ads on my site or to make money on it in any way. There are no investors and no outside money funding this. All costs come out of my pocket and no one reimburses me. How can I afford that? Because you’ve bought millions of copies of my books and millions of tickets to my films. So YOU paid for this. I thank you for that — and now I want you to use what you paid for!

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  1. It’s a great idea, I’ve been doing something similar with my band for a while (www.uncrediblemusic.com). Though I use a plugin (Rebelmouse) that aggregates all the data for me.

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