Autonomous, weaponized robots and drones will be horrific reality soon

Skynet, from the movie Terminator, certainly can't happen in real life, right?
Skynet, from the movie Terminator, certainly can’t happen in real life, right?

Killer robots and drones will be operating autonomously soon. No human intervention or guidance will be needed for them to slaughter. Politicians and the war pigs will love this since it gives them near-perfect plausible deniability. However, there is an absolute certainly of catastrophic unintended circumstances.

“Oh gosh, we’re so sorry our drone fired on those protesters. Something must have gone wrong with the system. We are investigating. Perhaps the drone didn’t get the most recent software update? It is also possible a protester was acting in an Unauthorized Manner.”

“Authorities are investigating why a team of heavily armed robots sent by the US on a kill mission against insurgents in Pakistan suddenly turned and slaughtered US troops. Unnamed sources privately said it appeared the robots had been hijacked via installation of rogue software.”

Soon, most nations will have autonomous machines that kill. So will the drug cartels. Short-term advantage enjoyed by first adopters will soon be obliterated (literally) when everyone else catches up.

Driverless war wagon

Oshkosh Defense has integrated TerraMax ground vehicle technology into their MRAP ATV to demonstrate the values driverless, vehicles on ground missions.

Basically, we just got one step closer to Skynet coming online and killing off mankind. I’ve accepted my fate, so let’s dig into this vehicle of humanity’s demise.

‘Killer robots’ to be debated at UN

A killer robot is a fully autonomous weapon that can select and engage targets without any human intervention. They do not currently exist but advances in technology are bringing them closer to reality.

Those in favour of killer robots believe the current laws of war may be sufficient to address any problems that might emerge if they are ever deployed, arguing that a moratorium, not an outright ban, should be called if this is not the case.

Saying that those with autonomous killing machines will put them aside if the UN tells them to is laughable.

Every country will have armed drones within ten years

Virtually every country on Earth will be able to build or acquire drones capable of firing missiles within the next ten years. Armed aerial drones will be used for targeted killings, terrorism and the government suppression of civil unrest. What’s worse, say experts, it’s too late for the United States to do anything about it.

Reality check. The US is leading the way in developing armed drones and doing is nothing to stop their spread.

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