War New Updates provides insider view of Ukraine


War News Updates is run by a Russian expat from Ukraine. He covers conflicts all over the planet and is especially invaluable now for his knowledge and insight on Ukraine. He has not expressed his personal views on Ukraine except to say he fears his homeland is splintering into violence. There can be 10-20 posts a day, generally links to other articles, sometimes with succinct commentary.

He thinks Ukraine will be dismembered within months.

Two months ago I would have scoffed at the possibility of a broken up Ukraine. Today …. after witnessing the incompetence of the Ukraine interim government, the anti-Russian rhetoric from Ukrainian nationalists, the slow pace of the West in providing essential aid and credits to the interim government …. and the final gesture of sending soldiers and tanks to attack and kill civilians in the east …. any hope of a successful resolution to the crisis is now over. The question that now needs to be answered is …. where will they draw the borders.

Report: civilians in Ukraine ready for civil war

For the past month I have been like a broken record …. warning about the formation of civil defense groups and militias in eastern Ukraine …. that everyone was now arming themselves. But this is the first video report (in English) that I have come across that shows how it is being done.

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