Golden Retriever rescue from Taiwan. Love and second

Oscar (and his new buddy behind him)
Oscar (and his new buddy behind him)

This is Oscar. He was rescued in Taiwan by Love and Second Chances, spent 21 hours on a flight to SFO, and is now in his forever home at my friend Jim’s ranch. Too often in Taiwan, dogs are neglected, abused, and abandoned. Oscar had been chained to a post in a tiny back yard for three years. He needed medical attention when he was rescued in Taiwan. His fur was heavily matted. His back legs are weak from lack of exercise and need strengthening. That will come with time.

Jim says Oscar is super friendly, fit in immediately with his three other dogs, and when Oscar goes into their fenced backyard, he looks at the big sky and rolling hills with a mix of bewilderment and awe. He didn’t know the world was so big. And really, what else is there to say? Thank you Jim, and thank you Love and Second Chances. They bring about ten dogs a week from Taiwan.

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