Military and police in east Ukraine joining pro-Russia forces


Kiev increasingly is impotent, issuing deadlines for pro-Russia forces in east Ukraine to withdraw, only to be ignored and mocked. There are multiple reports from reliable sources that police and military are defecting. The probably outcome of this is civil war or collapse of the Kiev government.

Tanks flying Russian flag enter Slovyansk. The tanks were either captured by the rebels or the troops defected.
<blockquote>Tensions escalated in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday, with pro-Russian gunmen storming City Hall in the sprawling city of Donetsk and a cluster of Ukrainian troops meant to be restoring order in the region apparently defecting to the side of separatists.

The US seems a bit player in all of this, despite US Ambassador to UN Samantha Powers pushing for war and Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama making still more empty threats.

Really folks, this just isn’t our fight, much as the war pigs want to make it such.

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