When two tribes go to war. Ukraine on brink of civil war


Russia says it will not intervene in eastern Ukraine as long as Russians are not injured, something that has now happened. US Ambassador to the UN, the bloodthirsty Samantha Powers, is apparently determined to have herself a war. Kiev issues deadlines for pro-Russian protesters to withdraw which are ignored. The center will not hold, it seems.

Two stupid sides …. hell bent because of history to despise and hate each other …. and in the end …. it will be the common person and his family who do not care about politics but do care about living a life of peace …. who in the end will suffer.

On a side note …. my father was born in Ukraine from Russian parents. He loved Russia and Ukraine …. and considered himself a citizen of both. He fought for 4 long years against the Nazis and their Ukrainian supporters in the hope that something good will come out of it in the end …. and for those acts he suffered greatly for the rest of his life …. but he always felt that what he did was the right thing to do. I am glad that he is not alive today. He would be heartbroken to see what is happening …. and what is probably now going to unfold.

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