Harry Reid (and son) plan for solar power NOT near Bundy Ranch


Sen. Harry Reid’s son is involved in plans with a Chinese company to build a huge solar plant in Nevada. The ethics of this may well be stinky. However, contrary to reports widely circulating, the site for the project is nowhere near Bundy Ranch.

Bundy Ranch is in Bunkerville, near Mesquite, close to the Arizona border. The solar project is planned for Laughlin NV, which is south of Vegas, 177 miles from Bunkerville.

I do indeed like a good conspiracy involving crooked politicians. However, I’m just not seeing one here with Reid trying to grab land near Bundy Ranch so his son can make a bundle.


  1. Harry Reid wants the Bundy ranch for mitigation purposes when they kill 100’s of tortoises (like they did with the Ivanpah Solar Plant) and so they can ruin acres of tortoise habitat to enable the Chinese to build more solar plants and fill Harry’s pockets once again.

  2. really what about

    One of the companies interested in building a solar plant on BLM-controlled land is the Chinese firm ENN Energy Group, which wants to build a $5 billion solar facility in the Nevada desert near Laughlin. ENN is represented by lawyer Rory Reid, Sen. Harry Reid’s son. The Chinese firm also wants to build on a 9,000-acre plot in Clark County, where rancher Cliven Bundy is holding off the BLM, and where Rory Reid used to be the chairman of the County Commission.

    but better yet Harry, why are the Chinese being allow to use US land? Is this another ‘no US company wants to do it’ deal?????

    Does anyone trust Harry? Is he sober today? Or just between lies?

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