Elitist NIMBYs manage to delay Cape Wind again

offshore wind

Deep pocket elitists (hi there, Kennedy Clan!) posing as very concerned environmentalists have managed to throw yet another roadblock against Cape Wind. They of course deeply care about renewable energy, so as long as they never have to view an icky wind turbine miles offshore. What would this do to property values? Oh the horror.

The United States still has no offshore turbines. That’s right, none. Cape Wind, between Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard has been delayed, blocked, and sabotaged for ten years, primarily by wealthy, arrogant landowners who simply can not allow such foolishness to built anywhere their exalted personages might see it.

The court remanded the case to FWS to independently evaluate a shutdown of turbines during migratory bird season. FWS has acknowledged this as the most effective measure to reduce bird mortality; however, Cape Wind has resisted the measure as one that would destroy the economic feasibility of its proposed project, the project opponents said.

I’m not sure what is more pathetic – that the US, despite its bleating about renewable energy, still has no offshore wind or the rich elitists who try to block it while pretending to be liberal environmentalists. Cape Wind will no doubt prevail again, no thanks to the overly-entitled.