If Ukraine can overturn a government, then Crimea can go independent

Credit: Lonely Planet
Credit: Lonely Planet

If you support Ukraine overturning an elected government, you have to also support the Crimea Parliament voting to go independent. And yes, they will have a referendum on March 16 allowing voters to decide on joining Russia. I’m guessing the vote will be overwhelming yes.

Thus, Crimea may leave Ukraine and it will be done with a surprising lack of violence. And it will be done democratically.

When Slovakia voted to split from Czechoslovakia, Premier Vaclac Havel said “I don’t think it’s a good idea. But they voted for it. Let them go.” Will the US / EU allow a similar split without violence or “intervening”?

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  1. Personally, I do not support the coup d’etats that the US sponsors around the globe periodically in places like Ukraine, Egypt, Paraguay, Honduras, Bogota, Colombia, et al…

    As to the Russian sponsorship of the Crimean separatist movement? Study that map really well and you will see that the Strait of Kerch separates Crimea by only about a tad bit less than 3 miles from Russia proper, which is only about from Seattle to Bremerton by ferry. The Sea of Azov itself really is almost a big lake and not sea, and one that separates Russia from Ukraine. Logically, from only a geographic standpoint alone, Ukraine doesn’t have any more of a claim on the Crimea than Russia does really.

    There are almost 6,000,000 Tatars now living throughout Russia, and more also living in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. What was done to them by Stalin was a horrible crime, when they were deported out of Crimea. It will be hard to ever adequately compensate them for the damage done to them in that time. Neither the new government of Ukraine nor Russia plans to help them out any at all now. They really will not get a pay off for taking any sides between the two. Sad, but that is the way it appears to be.

    And of course, Jews will not be rushing back into Ukraine either.

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