California rain less than expected, drought rationing increases


The recent storms in California (despite the usual hysteria in LA when it rains) produced less rain and snow than predicted. Crucial areas in the Sacramento area have increased mandatory drought rationing to 25%. Snow pack in the all important Sierra Nevada is 24% of normal. This is where the bulk of California’s water comes from. Plus, California is now at the end of the rainy season. A big storm predicted for the coming week now looks to be not much more than a few days of drizzle.

Los Angeles got a good-sized storm yesterday. Judging from the overreaction by local media, you’d have thought a hundred foot tsunami swept in from the Pacific, along with Godzilla on steroids, plus a 9.5 earthquake. (We lived in LA for years. I found it comical when it started drizzling, people in parking lots would look to the heavens in horror then hurry inside.)

The rain in southern California helps fill their reservoirs a bit. However northern California and the Sierra Nevada is where the bulk of water comes from. The drought continues.