Banksters ready to loot Greece again in another “bailout”

Previous riot in Greece.

Previous riot in Greece.

Banksters will lend more money to Greece to enable it to pay back money previously lent to it by banksters. Any dribble from this money actually helping Greece is purely accidental as is any resemblance of this plan to sanity. Instead, further onerous conditions will be forced upon Greece. Banksters will attempt to grab whatever carrion is left, perhaps by “privatizing” state-owned buildings and services or buying assets for pennies on the dollar.

That said, by now nobody cares as pretty much everyone has figured out the game, which will continue on its unsustainable path until one day it no longer can.

The lent money will of course can never be paid back. Sooner or later, Greece will default and the house of cards financial structure corrupt and inept bankers have created in Europe will come crumbling down.

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