Tough love for towns that run out of water due to drought?


Some small towns in California may run out of drinking water soon. Should they be required show proof of real water plans before expecting to be bailed out by the state? Drought happens. Some towns have no contingency plans at all. Big Ag tends to think all the water are belong to them. Some in semi-arid areas and desert areas think its their right to have a water-hog grass law and play golf. Attitudes like these need to change and indeed will be changing rather soon, forced by conditions. This will cost more. The price of water will go up.

Were it mine to do, I’d say that we, the people of the State, will help you once. Before a water truck arrives, you show us your new property tax assessment for water infrastructure that can withstand three dry years. The water trucks will arrive the day after you pass a rate structure that adequately funds your water reliability. We will not take your lack of water more seriously than you do.

Well, some small towns simply don’t have the money for major water projects. The problem for California is there is there are too many people competing for too little water. The solutions will have to be statewide and inclusive.

Via: JFleck at Inkstain