Warren Buffett hearts Jamie Dimon, mocks the law


Warren Buffett has a carefully calculated and deceptive image of being a folksy grandfather from Nebraska. In reality, he’s been in league with the banksters for years and supports them hugely. He bailed out Goldman a few years back at larcenous rates when they were having a bad year. Now Buffett has praised Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, who would almost certainly be in prison if we had a functioning legal system and actual Rule of Law.

Not only does Buffett think Dimon is doing just a swell job of evading the law, he thinks Dimon should be paid more.

And oh, folksy old Warren has contempt for the law saying “If a cop follows you for 500 miles, you’re going to get a ticket.” Rule of Law is for the little people, and mostly certainly not for Buffett and his crony Dimon, or so they think. The $14+ billion that JPMorgan has paid in fines is effectively protection money, especially considered no one has been indicted.

Warren had no comment how much he would pay Barack Obama if the president worked for him more than he already does, i.e., making sure that the Keystone Pipeline is mothballed indefinitely while Buffett’s various railroad interests become the New Normal trans-US pipelines.