Target drops part-time employee healthcare to help their workers!


In the Bizarro World of US capitalism, a major company pretends cancelling healthcare insurance for part-time workers is done out of concern for them, and they will actually prefer things that way anyway. Absolutely. Workers enjoy being shafted and treated like used Kleenex, even if management didn’t actually bother to ask them if they’d be happy about having health insurance cancelled.

Effective April 1st, Target announced to day that it would no longer offer healthcare coverage to its part-time employees. As The Hill reports, Target’s HR executives ‘spun’ the decision as good for the employees…”by offering them insurance, we could actually disqualify many of them from being eligible for newly available subsidies that could reduce their overall health insurance expense.”

I’m sure you’re as stunned as I am by the concern and great generosity of Target management, who are trying their best to emulate banksters and gouge and cheat everyone they come in contact with. Employees are now treated the same as the “muppets”, Goldman Sachs slang for their own clients who were routinely shafted so bank profits would rise.


  1. I don’t know how much Target takes out of a part-timer’s pay for health insurance, but if it’s substantial, then a tax subsidy may in fact be a better deal for the employee. I’m an ACA Navigator and have seen many low income part time workers get very good health insurance for less than $20 a month due to the tax subsidy.

    • It may well help some. However, even the article said others could end up paying more. It might have actually been better if Target said they were doing it to save money, might seem a bit more honest. And how much time do part-timers have to find Obamacare insurance.

      • For most of the folks I’ve worked with, on, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour total to create an account, fill-out the application, get eligibility results, select a plan and pay the first month’s premium. My experience has been that most people are pleasantly surprised at how little they have to pay for health insurance.

        • I’ve asked multiple friends. Some got great deals. Others thought the co-pays and deductions were way too high and aren’t getting any insurance. Still others, most mid-50’s-early 60’s say they are paying much more with higher co-pays and deductibles. A mixed bag.

          • That has a lot to do with which state you live in. State regulations (or lack of them) have an impact on the change in price. Also some states have simply decided to not setup their own exchanges, putting them on the federal run plan, which is trying to be a one-size-fits-all service. We all know that rarely produces the best results.

            Most folks I know in NY who have done this have seen a large drop in rates. While a couple friends in Ohio have looked and found it to be about 20% more expensive than their current plans. All depends on how much work your state put into fighting for you. Pay for small government, and you get what you get.

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