Banksters setting up Greece for more plunder and pain


Greece currently is paying back bailout debts to banksters using money loaned to it by banksters to pay off its debts. Such derangement can not long continue of course. Greece will run out of money to service debt sometime this year and will either need yet another bailout or to do what Iceland did and repudiate the debt.

The debt gives the banksters huge leverage to pillage and privatize, stripping Greece country of resources while further enriching their own corrupt fortunes, all in the name of “austerity.”

The scam works like this: bailout money is allegedly given to Greece, but Greece cannot really touch it. Instead the money goes right back to the Troika for interest and capital payments, with perhaps a miniscule portion finally getting to Greece.

One reason for the rise of the fascist Golden Dawn in Greece is they are one of the few political parties overtly opposing the banksters. “Kill bankers not yourselves,” they say.