Jerry Brown nixes water bond measure over reelection concerns


Ever the opportunist, California Governor Jerry Brown doesn’t want a water bond measure on the November ballot for his pet twin tunnels project over fears it could hurt his reelection prospects.

While I oppose the twin tunnels plan, a massive water grab which would shunt water away from the Sacramento Delta and send it southward, hugely benefiting big labor that would build it and big banks who would finance it, Gov. Brown is clearly showing he considers reelection above his alleged interests for the state at large. After all, he’s honked loudly and obnoxiously about how the tunnels must be constructed. Now he backs away from that because he wants to be reelected. After his presumed reelection, he’ll no doubt try again to finance the tunnels.

Another reason to oppose the water bonds is because they are so filled with pork and special interests funding that voters have twice rejected them.

“There’s not going to be a water bond this year. No way,” said one legislative staff member working on the issue who requested anonymity. “Brown’s presenting himself to voters as the guy who just paid down California’s debt. Putting more debt on the ballot when he’s up for re-election would be a mixed message.”

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  1. and now we go without water. Same old same old with Jerry Brown. Today water, 30 years ago, power.
    Should be money for both but thanks to Brown paving the way for public employee unions, we get NOTHING that interferes with their yearly increase in salary and benefits.

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