NIST paid $16,500 for booth at increasingly boycotted RSA conference


“Lie down with the pigs, they’ll call you a swine every time.” RSA got $10 million from NSA then released dumbed down security software. NIST ok’ed it.

Not only is the upcoming RSA conference being boycotted by security industry heavies, governmental agency NIST greenlighted RSA’s weakened crypto, and will have a booth there. This is analagous to the bond insurers who gave high ratings to crap mortage securities. I would not want to be working the NIST booth, as it will surely get plentiful numbers of hostile comments and questions. As well it should.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology purchased a $16,500 booth at an RSA event that technologists are pulling out of in protest of the encryption company’s alleged deal with the National Security Agency to weaken products using a NIST-approved trapdoor.