Mission deaccomplished! al-Qaida militants seize Fallujah


Iraq is demonstrably worse now than when the US invaded it on a pretext based on lies. Saddam may have been a thug, however he kept a lid on Sunni-Shia conflict. The increasing violence is hurting their primarily oil-based economy. Plus, the Syria conflict is drawing Sunni extremists, and it’s spilling across the borders. And now Fallujah has fallen to militants, the government is no longer in control.

“Iraq and Syria are the battlefields of a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia,” said Harith Hasan, an Iraqi political scientist and author of “Imagining the Nation, Nationalism, Sectarianism and Socio-Political Conflict in Iraq.

Civilian deaths in 2013 in Iraq were highest ever since the US blundered into it and the violence is escalating. We have accomplished nothing by being in Iraq.