Sin City Siren. Feminism live from Las Vegas!


Award-winning journalist Emmily Bristol blogs hard and thoughtfully on feminism at Sin City Siren. She has an engaging writing style  and is unafraid of wading into online conflicts. Sin City Siren has a considerable following, and for good reason. It has content not easily found elsewhere, the posts tend to be long and informative, and they take a stand on feminist issues. This blog is a leader, not a follower.

Emmily recently listed her most popular articles for 2013 (Part 1, Part 2). These excerpts give the flavor of this the blog.

How to have a bikini body — put a bikini on your body:
One of the posts I’m most proud of this year is Feminist in a fat-shaming world, in which I take on a lot of negative fat-hating that goes on in the media and I offered my 10 secrets to beauty, which had nothing to do with diets, fashion, makeup, or any fucked-up beauty standard that limits the beauty of the human spirit.

SLUT RIOT sparks interest and conversation about the racism and patriarchy of shaming:
In the heat of August, SCS intern De’Liza Galimidi and I launched a week-long campaign to talk about slut-shaming and related negativity toward sexuality, empowerment, and desire. In the white woman’s parlance, that usually comes down to being called a slut, but it takes many forms (ho, bitch, hoochie, fast, etc.). The campaign, called SLUT RIOT, featured a diverse panel of guest writers, including the perspective of a sex worker. We might not have answered the problem of slut-shaming, but we started a conversation that continues, as many of those posts still get hits every day. Perhaps we’ll start another RIOT in 2014 to take it to the next level!

Las Vegas Review Journal columnist calls Hispanic girls “easy” and insinuates sex with yours truly:
One of the weirdest aspect of the comprehensive sex ed bill debate was the very public crossfire. In the age of social media, politicians, pundits, parents, and people of all persuasions lobbied and vented in the public sphere. One of the strangest spectacles was a back-and-forth between me and disgraced Review Journal publisher Sherman Frederick…. You don’t get to call me a whore in front of the whole world. I’ll stand up for myself and every other person who has to deal with that misogynistic bullshit all day long, twice on Sundays.

Panty raid, or, why aren’t there Spiderman underwear for girls?
This post was a surprise hit. Frankly, I was venting my frustration on how it is impossible for me to find underpants for my daughter that feature her favorite superhero, Spiderman. You can find underwear with some female heroes, like Wonder Woman and Super Girl. That’s great. But why the gendered lockdown on underwear? It turns out, I’m not the only parent with this issue, as I share in the post, another mom started a petition to get Spiderman underwear for girls. I’d take it a step further and just make all characters available for both styles of underwear — girls and boys. Until then, I’ll keep complaining.