RSA takes the hit, feigns ignorance, protects NSA

Sgt Schultz

RSA (owned by EMC) is pretending they know nothing about the $10 million contract with NSA to dumb down their crypto. Cringely calls bullshit on this. So do I. It’s better to appear stupid than culpable. And that’s exactly what EMC is doing.

For the truth I reached deep into the bowels of elliptic cryptography to an old friend who was one of the technology’s inventors.

RSA is lying,” said my friend. “No room for ambiguity on this one. The back-doored RNG was a blatantly obvious scam and they made it the default anyway.”

My friend has no reason to lie and every reason to know what’s what in this tiny corner of technology, so I believe him. Besides, the Snowden revelations have all proven true so far.