Health Sherpa. Look up Obamacare plans by zipcode

The Health Sherpa makes it easy to look up what Obamacare plans are available to you. Just enter your zip code to see all the plans. You can also display the individual categories of bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. If you are low-income be sure to enter your income to see what subsidy you qualify for. For example, a family of two making $30,000 can get a substantial subsidy of several hundred a month, which can make the policies quite affordable.

The Health Sherpa is not a government site. It was created by three coders in San Francisco who wanted to make it easy for people to research plans. They have performed a huge public service. After you find a plan you like, sign up on, where it really seems like they’ve gotten the bugs fixed.

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  1. You can now do the same on using the much improved “See Plans Before I Apply” tool. You can even input your income to see if you’re eligible for a APTC.

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