NSA paid RSA $10 million to put back door in their encryption


This is bombshell. One of the (formerly) most respected security companies, RSA, was paid by NSA to deliberately dumb down the encryption they sold to corporate America, and others. This is not a payment, this is corruption.

The way RSA did think was beyond sleazy. They made the broken crypto protocol the default for one their products, and did so sneakily since cryptographers mistrusted it.

The algorithm is also more than a hundred times slower than the alternative random number generators, which has led almost all major encryption programs to abandon the program. However, since BSafe is based on closed-source protocols, RSA was able to implement DUAL_EC_DRBG as a default setting effectively in secret.

Hey, corporate America. NSA has been reading all your correspondence too. You happy about that? I’m guessing not. Any company that does business with RSA now is an idiot. I hope RSA gets sued and shunned into oblivion.