60 Minutes NSA story trashed, response from politicians is crickets

They make Big Brother proud
60 Minutes makes Big Brother proud

The good news about the despicable 60 Minutes segment on NSA is multitudes of other media trashed it. The bad news is, not a single politician did. This highlights the growing gulf between the public and DC, most of whom apparently are too terrified or bought-off to publicly question NSA or anything to do with our ever-growing, Orwellian national security state.

John Miller, DC insider and spook, didn’t ask NSA a single hard question on his now craven puff piece about NSA, yet pretends he did. Perhaps Miller believes his own propaganda or, more likely, has he’s lied for so long and so often he no longer knows the difference, or cares.

“Our job this time was to take the hardest questions we could find and ask them, ‘What’s the answer to it,’ and then spend a couple of minutes listening,” John Miller said.

To compound their blow jobbery, the show’s producer says poor little NSA is sadly misunderstood.

In a web-only video, producer Ira Rosen said that the NSA had “allowed” itself to be perceived as a “villain.”

Really? Rosen is a propagandist for the worst, most freedom-hating parts of our government. Had he lived in East Germany, he probably would have defended Stasi.