Sebelius orders investigation in failures


Um, shouldn’t the investigation have been ordered in early October, when it was already clear had massive problems and not just before HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ appearance before a hostile House committee?

I’d like to know why a third tier company, CGI Federal, was given a no-bid contract, after they’d failed building a similar heathcare website for Canada, and why other contractors also got no-bid contracts.

I’m a software developer. 10 percent of applications currently sent to insurers have errors, down from 25% in October. This is beyond unacceptable. An invoicing system where 10% of the invoices had errors would be a train wreck. An error rate this high means all applications have to be manually re-checked to insure they are accurate. Sending data to another computer is not complicated or rocket science. It’s difficult to understand how it got so screwed up.

Questions also remain about the accuracy of application files that insurers are receiving from and state-run health insurance exchanges. After weeks of media scrutiny, the administration last week said about 10 percent of the application files, known as the “834” files, sent to insurers currently contain erroneous information – down from about 25 percent in October.