Doing business in Utah is effortless, esp. compared to California


I’m always amazed at how easy it is to conduct business in Cedar City UT and Utah in general. Wait for it, Californians. If you call a state agency in Utah you get an actual human on the other end after a few rings, and your questions get answered quickly and cheerfully.

We lived in Cedar for two years and maintain banking accounts at the small, efficiently run State Bank of Southern Utah, which charges no fees for accounts, is completely solvent, and never took a dime for the government. Imagine that, Wall Street banksters.

I just called the small nearby town of Parowan UT to get an accident report for when Bambi ran in front of our car there on Thanksgiving Day. I needed a particular form, which they didn’t have online. A friendly person said she’d email it. Total elapsed time, 5 minutes and no Voice Mail Hell either.

A few years back, a Utah state legislator looked at their public pensions, determined it would have problems in a few years. The state redid their entire pension system in one year with no squabbling.

And don’t get me started about the difference between starting an LLC in California vs. in Utah. In California, it takes several weeks and costs a minimum $800 a year in taxes. In Utah, you can do it online in ten minutes and it’s $40 a year.