still faces problems. Administration in denial


The Obama Administration needs to get honest about instead of making perky comments then immediately backtracking. Crucial back-end functions still aren’t done. Without a functioning back-end,  touting front-end improvements is meaningless.

The back-end is dysfunctional at best. The Administration keeps trying to spin this like it’s just a pesky PR image problem. Yet, by their own admission, still can’t properly process enrollments. Thus, it remains broken. Feeble lies and deliberate evasions by federal officials simply make a bad situation worse.

Federal officials said they had largely succeeded in repairing parts of the site that had most snarled users in the two months since its troubled launch, but acknowledged they only had begun to make headway on the biggest underlying problems: the system’s ability to verify users’ identities and accurately transmit enrollment data to insurers.

The front-end is still inadequate.

Administration officials concede that the site still may not be able to handle the crush of people expected to seek insurance this month