is a security disaster waiting to happen


There are gaping security holes on which probably are already being exploited.

A bill collector told me a person’s social security number is the magic key that unlocks all the doors. Cracking will give hackers access to millions of social security numbers, and lots more juicy accompanying data too. Our dimbulb Congress is clueless about this.

Security professionals [testifying to Congress] made a reasonable argument that the healthcare site was in fact fundamentally flawed where security was concerned and that it seemed that the government had in fact not considered the security import of the nature of the data they were to traffic in. SQL flaws are abundant on the site and the interconnections to backend databases including places like the IRS will make it the single point of failure for what I am sure will be the worlds largest compromise of PII [Personally Identifiable Information] data on the planet short of the machinations of the NSA.