James O’Keefe, new video on Obamacare fraud


This is damning stuff. O’Keefe has multiple Obamacare navigators on tape telling applicants to lie about their income. (And yes, he has released the raw, unedited video.)

However, he’s after bigger game, the links between the Enroll America, a nonprofit funding the agencies where navigators work and Battleground Texas, a Democratic Party PAC. They should have an arms length relationship with strict rules on data sharing.

O’Keefe captured an official for Enroll America, for which Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary Kathleen Sebelius admitted to fundraising, being introduced at an event as “the official group for the DNC.” O’Keefe’s work also revealed that Enroll America might be working with the political action committee Battleground Texas, possibly sharing mined data between the two groups.

In an almost comical segment, a navigator admits he’s not been able to get a single person logged into healthcare.gov long enough to complete an application.