Obamacare navigators tell applicants to lie, says James O’Keefe


James O’Keefe is back with explosive video of Obamacare navigators pointblank telling applicants to lie. And, tossing gasoline on the fire, some of the grant money for nonprofits to hire navigators is going to a group run by the founder of ACORN.

This video is the first of a series. Future topics include possibly stinky and dubious ties between Enroll America, a 501 c3, and Battleground Texas, a Democratic party PAC. Watch the video. O’Keefe, who I admire, has the lies on tape. But wait Bob, you’re a leftie, how can you admire O’Keefe? Because I oppose fraud and corruption wherever it happens, that’s why.

It should be noted that James O’Keefe cites Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals as a major influence (Alinksy’s rules have nothing to do with ideology, and are about tactics and strategy.)

“Ironically, the book that primarily inspired O’Keefe’s work is Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the Bible of the radical left,” says hard right Frontpagemag.