3D printed Urbee2 plans coast to coast trip on 15 gallons of biofuel


Urbee is crowd funding on Kickstarter and plans to travel coast to coast in 2015 on just 15 gallons of biofuel, about 300 mpg AND the body is mostly 3D printed

We recently initiated a second prototype, called URBEE 2. We are embracing Digital Manufacturing as essential to the design of an environmental car. Engineered to safely mingle with traffic, the two passenger vehicle will have its entire exterior and interior 3D printed. “A future where 3D printers build cars may not be far off after all,” said Jim Bartel, VP of RedEye On Demand. If successful in crowdfunding, we will demonstrate URBEE 2’s potential to the world. In 2015, taking just 2 days, 2 people and a dog would travel from New York to San Francisco using 10 gallons of bio-fuel, setting a world record.