CA hearing: climate change requires a paramilitary response


Can your home be taken to “save the planet”? Absolutely, if nascent California Green Police get their way. Huge calamities are surely about to befall us, so the only logical thing to do, they say, is to create paramilitaries to enforce green edicts. This will be done solely for the greater good of course, so no worries, even if democracy, property rights, and freedom of expression get demolished in the process. Sorry granny, your house is on a flood plain so you’ll have to live in your car.

To paraphrase The Doors, cancel my subscription to your resurrection.

Paramilitary tactics may be necessary in California to prepare for, or head off, an apocalyptic future with flooded coastal communities, scorched central valleys and rampant wildfires in the Sierras. That was the advice and prediction from one of the experts at a recent hearing on climate change adaptation by the state watchdog agency the Little Hoover Commission

Said Robert Verchick, an environmental law professor at Loyola University, New Orleans:

“The way that you build resilience and robustness is to think about everything at once and then move forward in some kind of regimented, maybe paramilitary, way.

Resilience is the ability to act quickly and effectively to changing situations without needing Big Brother. It is the opposite of a blundering, thuggish paramilitary response. To suggest that paramilitary action should be a primary response to climate change borders on derangement.

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