Feinstein and Rogers say take down healthcare.gov until it’s fixed


DiFi and Rogers are acting as a conduit, putting up a trial balloon, This is probably coming from Obama. However, healthcare.gov is so broken it needs to be taken offline just a few weeks after launch then it never should have been put online.

It’s pretty clear, I think, to those of us who have been watching this rollout, that the technological base was not sufficient, and that the website didn’t function,” [adding] she thought the administration should take the site down “until it was right.”

Rogers likened the administration’s attempts to fix the website while it is running to “trying to change a tire on a car going 70 miles an hour down the expressway.”

“They need to take the site down, stabilize it, meaning they can’t continue to add code every week and then they need to stress test the system,” he said.