Energy storage for rooftop solar that utilities can also use. Wow


Solar Grid Storage has developed an energy storage system for solar power that not only powers the building and stores enough power for 4 hours, the local grid can use it to store or discharge electricity.  Wow. This is a game-changer. Install enough systems like this and distributed energy becomes a reality everywhere.

The systems are installed and maintained by Solar Grid Storage and are leased to the end users. Utilities also pay the company because the systems help balance supply and demand, which is always crucial, but even more so with renewable energy, since it fluctuates in output.

This is the future of power. Microgrids and local power as well as gigawatt plants. Currently only one major utility allows this. Too many of the rest, with a few exceptions like Duke Power, are troglodytes who will change or die. This technology can’t be stopped.

Solar Grid Storage develops battery energy storage systems co-located with PV systems but separately owned and maintained by Solar Grid Storage. Our solution eliminates the need for PV developers to purchase a solar inverter, reducing installation costs and offering new benefits to the host. Solar Grid Storage finances the storage asset through revenues derived from multiple stakeholders. These revenues come from grid support markets that pay Solar Grid Storage to dispatch assets to maintain grid stability, and a series of new benefits, such as host emergency backup services, demand reduction, and peak shaving.