New WordPress mobile theme for Polizeros

mobile site

Polizeros now has a snazzy WordPress mobile theme for smartphones, with a slider bar, two menus, easily accessible posts, and more. Please look at it on your smartphone and let me know what you think. Thanks!

The image shows what the  mobile site looks like. It’s uses WPTouch Pro 3, which has three themes and is hugely configurable from the WordPress dashboard, no code tweaking required.

I had to hold off on going live with the mobile site because the previous disk cache Polizeros was using, W3 Total Cache, in addition to being highly temperamental is a bit tricky to configure for mobile themes. Polizeros now uses WP Super Cache, which is way easier to configure and more reliable too, if somewhat less powerful.

There are tens of thousands of plugins and themes for WordPress, a sure sign a product has an enthusiastic user base. W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache are free and have been downloaded millions of times. The authors make money by configuring sites and doing custom coding and no doubt spent hundreds if not thousands of hours developing their products.

WPTouch Pro 3 costs $40 a year and is well worth. Duplicating what they’ve done would take a team of programmers. That’s the beauty of WordPress. Chances are someone has already written a plugin for what you want to do. (The only thing you have to watch for is Dueling Plugins, plugins that bork something else. Oh, and only download plugins from or sites that you know to be reliable.)

Check out Cara Scissoria Greetings Cards. I just re-launched it using WordPress, WooThemes, and WooCommerce. It’s a full-featured e-commerce site that doesn’t look like a blog. WordPress is excellent for CMS and e-commerce too.