Is massive California renewable energy funding a reverse Robin Hood?


The LA Times follows the trail of the billions California has given to fund renewable energy, often to politically connected companies. Sure, renewables are great. However much of this reeks of cronyism. Sneaky consumer fees fund it. The price of electricity is going up, not down.

Soon California will mandate specific amounts of renewable energy must be produced within the state. Thus, all those shiny new solar and wind farms in California will have the citizens of California as captive customers. How cosy is that?

“Suddenly, you look up and there are literally hundreds of millions of dollars going into investments that produce marginal benefits,” said state Sen. Rod Wright (D-Inglewood), a member of the Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee.

“You know the tale of Robin Hood? Well, this is robbing the ‘hood,” he said. “You are taking from poor people to give to rich people.”