California water bond needs to be de-porkified before 2014 vote


California’s pork-laden $11 billion water bond has been delayed twice because of the staggering amount, even by California standards, of special interest pork in it.

State Assemblymember Henry T. Perea says the water bond needs major reduction so it has a chance of passing.

Perea says the current proposal – at around $11 billion is too pricey for California voters, and includes too many projects that aren’t directly related to what he views as the core mission of the bond. He says any successful effort needs to address the environment, water storage and conveyance, and drinking water cleanup.

Meanwhile, that bloated whale of a dead project that lurches on, California High Speed Rail, has no clue where its funding will come from, is mired in lawsuits, and may need a ginormous another bond issue to fund it. Good luck getting voters to say yes