Austria wins Solar Decathlon 2013


Team Austria wins the Solar Decathlon 2013 with its net zero energy solar-powered house that configures easily into various spaces.

Renewable and eco-friendly construction and insulation materials made of timber are easily transported and provide indoor climate comfort and carbon-neutrality.

Changeable architectural elements create a variety of sensory conditions—closing to form a protective cocoon for occupants and opening to allow them to expand their space.

Two patios create a balance between interior and exterior and public and semi-public spaces.
The passive solar design, combined with an automated screen and awning system, provides shade to keep the living spaces cool and comfortable.

A patio herb garden draws water from a rainwater reservoir.

Generous storage, completely integrated into the walls, frees the primary indoor space from clutter

A centralized utility room contains all the automated mechanical systems the house needs, including a photovoltaics monitor, ventilation, plumbing, and hot water supply.

Two high-efficiency, air-water heat pumps supply cold and hot water for space heating and cooling as well as for domestic hot water.

An energy-recovery ventilation unit acts as a heat and humidity exchanger between exhaust air and fresh intake air to keep the living spaces comfortable and healthy.