It’s official. Our politicians are irresponsible and deranged


Congress is waiting to see what the markets will do, hoping it will drop off a cliff so the other side will be forced to cave. Yes, they really are that self-absorbed and selfish. They are literally trying to sleaze their way to short-term political gain and don’t care what catastrophes happen as a result of their actions. This is sickening.

Susan Collins offered a quite reasonable way out which was immediately turned down by Obama. Thus, even more people will suffer as this train wreck continue. Markets may melt down, but hey, that’s ok so long as the Democrats gain power, right? And if Boehner falls, his replacement will be more, not less extreme. Neither party has a plan. Neither party cares about the economy or the people. they’re locked into a pissing contest while the world watches, aghast, wondering what happened to the US

Virtually every central bank in the world is telling to US to stop the partisan squabbling now before the bond market goes off a cliff and are being ignored so slimebag politicians can amass more personal power.

What started as a mad dash to strike a deal to lift the federal debt limit slowed to a crawl over the weekend as stalemated Senate leaders waited nervously to see whether financial markets would plunge Monday morning and drive the other side toward compromise.