Obamacare contractors are big campaign contributors


Insider DC consultants greased their way to lucrative Obamacare contracts with campaign contributions and then did a substandard job.

White House officials have attributed the early HealthCare.gov problems to one part of the website that helps users create accounts and stores information about them. The system wasn’t built to withstand the large volume of people who visited the site in its first days, they said.

WTF? Have they not heard of cloud computing that instantly scales? How could supposed IT professionals build a site they knew would be hammered when it opened and not be prepared for that?

17 ACA contract winners spent more than $128 million on lobbying from 2011 – 2012. 29 had employees or PACS or both that contributed $32 million to federal candidates and parties in that period. President Barack Obama collected $3.9 million.

But as head-scratching continues about how a famously web-savvy administration could have flubbed its Internet homework so badly, an examination by the Sunlight Foundation shows the administration turned the task of building its futuristic new health care technology planning and programming over to legacy contractors with deep political pockets.