Both sides refuse to budge, convinced of their inerrancy


Obama won’t negotiate until a clear CR is passed. That means Republicans would have nothing left to negotiate with so of course they won’t agree to it. Boehner says he won’t introduce any bills until Obama negotiates. So we have a nasty stalemate. Or is it Kabuki?

Republicans bear much of the blame for causing the shutdown. However Democrats are equally  obstinate. Neither party seems to care much about actual people, the real economy, or anything outside their little DC bubble and protected circles. Their kindergarten squabbling is tedious, childish, and destructive to the county. We are governed by mediocrities (and worse.)

And no, the Tea Party does not consist solely of knuckle-dragging troglodyte racists. Many of them see the American Dream slipping away (and their dreams with it)  and genuinely believe small governments are best. They also loathe the government bailout of the big banks, something I completely agree with.

I came of age in the 1960s when cities burned, leaders were assassinated, and massive civil rights and antiwar protests shook the nation. Things were indeed turbulent and polarized then. However the polarization now is much worse and growing.

Do we want the country to fracture? Because that’s the direction we’re heading it, unless we change it.