Both sides refuse to budge, convinced of their inerrancy


Obama won’t negotiate until a clear CR is passed. That means Republicans would have nothing left to negotiate with so of course they won’t agree to it. Boehner says he won’t introduce any bills until Obama negotiates. So we have a nasty stalemate. Or is it Kabuki?

Republicans bear much of the blame for causing the shutdown. However Democrats are equally  obstinate. Neither party seems to care much about actual people, the real economy, or anything outside their little DC bubble and protected circles. Their kindergarten squabbling is tedious, childish, and destructive to the county. We are governed by mediocrities (and worse.)

And no, the Tea Party does not consist solely of knuckle-dragging troglodyte racists. Many of them see the American Dream slipping away (and their dreams with it)  and genuinely believe small governments are best. They also loathe the government bailout of the big banks, something I completely agree with.

I came of age in the 1960s when cities burned, leaders were assassinated, and massive civil rights and antiwar protests shook the nation. Things were indeed turbulent and polarized then. However the polarization now is much worse and growing.

Do we want the country to fracture? Because that’s the direction we’re heading it, unless we change it.


  1. The party that lost the last election is of course always willing to negotiate the surrender of the party that won. They want to negotiate? Let’s start with ending the charity status of the NFL. Then let’s get the corporate welfare programs on the table. How about negotiating the best way to put crooked bankers in jail?

    The Tea Party is going scorched earth, and the USA will not be a Super Power when this is over.

  2. I’m confused… What exactly are the Democrats supposed to “negotiate” about? Should the compromise and extend the exception another year? They already extended the exception for 5 YEARS, which is why it’s happening in 2014 and NOT 2009 when the law was passed! And what will they do with another year? Continue to try to overturn it (>40 attempt this year)? Challenge it and lose again in court? Fight implementing exchanges it in every Rep state for another 12 months?

    Please… Tell me: What have the Democrats not already negotiated on? Give me one thing they could do that they’ve not already agreed to or compromised on over the past 5 years.

    This is like a child wanting not to go to bed. They whine, and the parent goes “OK, you can stay up another 2 hours, but no more fussing after that.” And 2 hours later, it’s the same whine and tantrum, wanting another hour. Eventually the adult has to say “NO”. That’s all we’re seeing here…

    • My real point was the Repubs won’t agree to a clean CR unless they get something out of the deal too. It looks like that may be a waiver of medical device taxes. Big whoop.

      • But that’s just it… The medical device tax is part of the think paying for this. It was put in to help pay for the program, which is something the Republicans demanded. The only reason they’re screaming about it now is that big medical device manufacturers have bent their ear on it.

        As for what they wanted, that still isn’t clear. Tons of clips out there of Republican reps saying they want something out of the deal, but when asked what that something was, half of them couldn’t come up with a single idea. The few that did were demanding a year delay on the personal mandate. (as discussed above).

        What happened is simple. The TeaParty decided it was their way or no other, and ran with it. Most of them want to kill the government, all of it, bring it down to nothing, no regulations, no taxes. That way they can rule each state a minor corporate fiefdom. It wasn’t until the economy was in danger, and big money stepped in, that a few changed their tune.

        Mark my words, the ones that voted for this will get huge donations next cycle for their campaigns, where those who didn’t heed the call from big money will get squat. They’re playing they game, but not following the rules (in multiple senses), and will pay for it next cycle with their seats. The hard part is going to be for Republicans to keep the seats, since most will still blame them for the actions of the sub-party.

        • A moderate Republican House member said to a Teapublican, look your seat may be safe,but mine isnt. If you guys get too radical we could lose the House.

          The national Chamber of Commerce, who are seriously right-wing, said they will back moderate Republicans now. I’m hearing the same about Wall Street too.

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