Supposed anti-war Democrats were mostly just anti-Bush

A new study reveals Democrats were more motivated by anti-Republican sentiments during Bush years than actually being anti-war.

This is red-versus-blue tribalism in its most murderous form. It suggests that the party affiliation of a particular president should determine whether or not we want that president to kill other human beings. It further suggests that we should all look at war not as a life-and-death issue, but instead as a sporting event in which we blindly root for a preferred political team.

I was active in LA organizing antiwar protests. Some of them were huge. In 2007, when it became apparent Obama would be elected, the antiwar movement evaporated. Most indeed were anti-Bush not anti-war.

The United States is fighting how many wars?

74 nations where the US is fighting or “helping” some force in some proxy struggle that has been deemed beneficial by the nation’s masters of war.

Since President Barack Obama has been willing to give the go ahead to operations that President George W. Bush would not have approved, operations have been much more aggressive and, presumably, JSOC has been able to fan out and work in way more countries than ever expected.