US intelligence officers say Syria didn’t launch chemical weapons

That intercepted message of Syria officers talking about the attack was AFTER the attack and showed them in panic that an unauthorized attack had been made. A major where the attack supposedly came from insisted to superiors that all his chemical weapons were accounted for and invited general staff to come and look.

The Obama administration has selectively used intelligence to justify military strikes on Syria, former military officers with access to the original intelligence reports say, in a manner that goes far beyond what critics charged the Bush administration of doing in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq war.

According to these officers, who served in top positions in the United States, Britain, France, Israel, and Jordan, a Syrian military communication intercepted by Israel’s famed Unit 8200 electronic intelligence outfit has been doctored so that it leads a reader to just the opposite conclusion reached by the original report.

Top chemical weapons expert highly skeptical of U.S. case against Syrian government.