3D printing meets sexting (or should that be “meats”?


It was a mashup that was destined to happen, 3D printing and sexting. Horrified governments and parents tried to stop the madness…

The video nasties moment finally came for 3D printers when it was discovered that Katie Evans, a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl at a sought-after academy in the Home Counties, had sent volumetric scans of her own genitals to a boy, who in turn passed the shapefile around his classmates for any of them to churn out on home-bake 3D printers.

A very concerned government immediately intervened, mandating 3D printing machines to having cyberlocks that would not permit 3D printing anything sexual without okay from an adult.

But it was all for naught.

Meanwhile, the kids are using immersive haptic rigs and anonymised signals distributed through mesh-networked household appliances to broadcast their own sexual antics directly into the heads of any voyeur with an internet-linked fridge.